Gold Award

Thank you Diane for the Gold Award. Friends are special and when we start surfing on the web we tend to forget the miles between it is like we are right next door!

From what I understand I am suppose to send this gold card to four friends, one of the being out of them to be out of my country. Four wonderful Artist that I have enjoy becoming friends with.
The first one I am sending this Gold Card too is CattyCat check out her blog she is doing the Monster Mash over there a great place to visit.

The second one I am sending this Gold Card too is Hazel Rose Looms a wonderful friend of mine so much like me who is into all sorts of Arts n Craft. Hazel and her hubby makes the most beautiful looms. Please go visit her blog she is always sharing her beautiful photographs.
The third person I am sending the Gold Card too is Artyfax - An Artist Blog who is in the UK a very nice gentleman a wonderful Artist. John has a flare that sometimes make me shake my head he is always bringing a smile to my face.
The fourth person I am sending the Gold Card too is Pause-ablity a wonderful delightful artist that is a person of her own. I am always amaze how she comes up with the most delightful art that she creates.
I consider all these individuals and so much more my Internet friends. Now my friends it is your turn, click on the picture copy it to your computer then pass it onto 4 friends one of the must live outside your country. Have fun! I did!


Artyfax said...

Hi Ranie, Thanks for this award. I have mentioned it in my blog but have not had time to select four more recipients yet - will have to think hard about this since I read so many great blogs.

also I have added this blog to my blogroll

CattyCat said...

Hi Ranie: Totally flattered by this one for sure. Now I have to think of some 4 people to pass it on to. I'm amazed to be honest.