This is my first beaded cabochon. This was so much fun! By the time I got to the class well I ended up with the left over. ..giggle..This cabochon stone was a soft grey with flicks of peach shades. I looked at this stone for a long time then I went to the beads seeing what I could come up with to match the very limited colors of the stone. By the time I put all my colors together everyone was oohing over my cab. The necklace is beaded also. Everyone commenting how Vintage it look, I just smile, all I did was work with the colors within the stone and it turn out just fine. I had to smile when one of the ladies made the comment if I had known that stone would be that pretty I would have taken it. ..*smile*.. Well it just shows ya, the beauty is within a soul.

~photograph by ranie patridis

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Outstanding Stranger said...

Very pretty Ranie....Love your little story too and I am lucky because I got to see it in person. Diane