you make a doll. I wasn't feeling so good when I turn 50 years young a few years back. I wanted my birthday to be a big bang something really special. It didn't happen! Boy was I disappointed, over on one of my doll groups this challenge was going on. This doll is a design of Phyllis who is the owner n moderator Cloth Doll Maker group. I took her doll pattern and came up with a doll that represent all my feelings, a little bit naughty yet pure, still a child at heart and a gentle soul. It seems I always give more than I take which is a good thing. Just would like to be notice some times and be made a fuss over especially on my birthday. This doll face is needle sculpted the arms face are painted. The teddy bear is hand crochet and a beaded necklace the butterfly's made from fabric and painted. Wings made from feathers and wire.

Doll design by Phyliss
Teddy Bear, beading, butterfly, wings stand design by Ranie Patridis

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