The Snow Queen of the Year

Her name is Crystalline designed by Kathy Lees.

I won this free class and had a ball making this doll. It was the dead of summer and I was to make a snow queen. I soon discover that due to being summer it was very hard to find winter items. I did a lot of improvising for this doll.

A lot of hand work was done on this doll her blouse is all hand crochet with hand sewn beads on it. The Staff is a dowel with hand crochet snowflakes on the end which I heavily glue glitter on.

The skin tone on this doll is shades of blue to represent the icy coldness as you can see her hair is with beads. The cape she is wearing is quilted machine fancy stitching all over it. This doll is attached to a wood stand. I enter this doll in our local fair, I won a blue ribbon, Best of Show and First in Division.

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