Digger Pine Cone

This past weekend, Mike and I spent riding on our Boss Hoss Trike. We road over 200 miles practically in a  circle. What I mean on Saturday we left for Redding, from there we went to Red Bluff from there we went to Wild Road back to Hayfork and home. Then On Sunday we took off to Weaverville drove around the lake and back home. The days were beautiful up in the 90's a bit warm but oh so lovely. You know we have Spring Fever bad! Coming down Wild Road we stop by Hayfork Creek to rest and to admire the sites. I happen to see a Digger Pinecone ..giggle.. I had Mike take a picture of me with it. This pine cone was as large as my head if not larger....

Digger Pine Cone
Can you imagine one of these falling on your head!
Photograph using my Nikon Coolpix P4 Camera.

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