Juanita Iris

I was delighted this week to notice that my first little miniature iris has bloomed. I am hopping to that I will get more these little iris are so special to me.You know you never know what you really have till you loose someone close to you. For me that was Juanita Irvine. Now let me tell you she was a character she was a bit hard to get to know, but, once you did, well, she was special. Before she died a vew years back she gave me some of her prize minature iris. Now whenever they bloom, I say, Hello Juanita how have you been and in my mind that little iris says back to me: "It's about time you got out here working in your yard!" now that is exactly what Juanita would say. ..*smile*..
Juanita Minature Iris
So far I have not seen any of these little iris in any of my flowers catalogs...If I ever find them I'm going to snag them I just love them. This picture was taken with my Nikon Coolpix P4 a delightful little camera!

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