Altered Domino

I have discover that I like to alter dominoes. It is fun, you take a domino and change it appearance making it into something else.

Here I made a key chain, my first attempt at it. You could call this a Collage Key Chain with an original back ground. Once I came up with my design then I layered it with a nice glaze. On the back of this key chain I do have may label on it and it is also glaze just like the front. This was a very fun project. Right now I'm finishing up on a altered domino book.
photograph by ranie patridis

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Outstanding Stranger said...

This is great Ranie...My friend Jan just made a book to give a friend of hers..you can see it from my site on JAN'S JOURNAL.... I am going to foward her your book from the flickr site...you may be hearing from her. Hugs, Diane