Trinity Fires....

We got some awesome shots of the Water Tank Helicopters getting water from Erwing Reservoir. They would fly in hover over the reservoir putting that hose into the water filling up their tanks. Here are a couple of pictures that my husband took with our Coolpix P4 camera. This is a beautiful view of our reservoir. There is a trail that you can walk all around this reservoir. As you can see that in the evening when the helicopters are filling up with water. Locals are here taking pictures along with me. There were 2 helicopters that were constantly filling up with water and dumping it over the fires surrounding Hayfork.

Going to be interesting to see how the surrounding forest will look like so much of it has burn. My heart goes out to all the wild animals that has been dislocated or gave their lives trying to escape the flames. At the same time thankful we have men and women who are willing to fight these fires.

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