Fires in Trinity County

Back in June around the first week of June we had a dry lightening storm that cause havoc with Trinity County and other surrounding counties too. In Trinity County we had 79 fires burning. Our little community turn into a war zone so to speak. We have firemen here from all over, helicopters flying here n there. We are thankful to have them here fighting the fires. We have been in heavy smoke for over a month now, then suddenly Friday afternoon a nice breeze blew, blowing all the smoke out. Boy was that a blessing the smoke was really getting to us. That day we choose to go into town these are the pictures we came back with.

As we came into Hayfork, on one side it was clear blue skies the other side was dark n dreary with heavy smoke. We have been in this smoke for days some days we could barely see down our drive way. 

I was so excited getting a shot of this helicopter with my little Coolpix P4 camera while at the bank I did not even notice the pine tree with the cross on top. Cool! I wonder what the pilot thought?
Mike took this picture as the helicopter was lifting from the air port here in Hayfork. 
More pictures tomorrow to share with you.

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