Nikon Coolpix P4

Do you have a Coolpix P4? I just love this Nikon camera. I bought this camera last fall because I wanted a small camera to carry in my purse. It seems when ever I leave my Coolpix 8800 behind I there is a picture I need to take. My husband and I been walking around the Ewing Reservoir early in the morning around 6 a.m. Each day it seems there is something different to see and or course to take a picture of. I put my camera on scene then go into the manual to pick the view I want to shoot. On this one I just choose scenery. Each day this week I will share with the different views I have taken with this amazing little camera.

This first view is taken at sun rise the fog was thick you could barley see the water. As the sun was rising over the mountains this was one of the shots I got.

This last view below is taken a bit later not much as you can see the fog is lifting a tad the shadows of the tree's and the sun are being reflected in the water. This turn out to be a beautiful morning.

photograph by ranie patridis

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