Nikon Coolpix P4 cont.

As we continue our walk around the Reservoir the fog was really lifting fast. Once that Sun made it completely over the mountain in no time it was clearing off. Suddenly Mike says to me stop look over there, well, over there was clear across the reservoir low n behold I could see 2 specks sitting sided by side on a branch. Can you see them? Its way over there in that tall tree, well, there is 2 tall trees side by side.

Now I lighten this photo up hoping you could see the specks. Did you find those 2 specks side by side. My husband has good eyes I was amaze that he could see them. And, all I had with me was my little Nikon Coolpix P4 camera. Boy, was I wishing I had my larger camera with me, at least it had a better zoom on it. I focus real hard on those 2 trees thinking to myself this will never work. Once home I add the pictures into my computer then went into my photo program looking for those 2 specks ..*smile*.. I found them, crop them out may not be the best picture but you know what it is and there you have it folks!

Can you believe it tis Eagles!
Two sitting side by side two adult eagles.
Funny too we always thought there was just one!
Well there 2's folks
Beautiful Birds!

We finish walking around the reservoir keeping our eye's on these birds as soon as we were in distance of getting a good picture they flew off. ..giggle.. they have been watching us walk all around that reservoir. Next week I will share with you pictures from my Nikon Coolpix 8800 camera hopefully I'll get some better pictures of those eagles. Guess I'm going to have to court them ..giggle.. Tomorrow we will continue with the Coolpix P4 shots.

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