At the Feast of Belshazzar and a thousand of his lords,
While they drank from golden vessels, as the Book of Truth records,
In the night as they reveled in the royal palace hall,
They were seized with consternation-'twas the Hand upon the wall!

See the brave captive, Daniel, as he stood before the throng,
And rebuked the haughty monarch for his might deeds of wrong;
As he read out the writing-'twas the doom of one and all,
For the kingdom now was finished-said the Hand upon the wall!

See the faith, zeal and courage, that would dare to do the right,
Which the spirit gave to Daniel-this the secret of his might;
In his home in Judea, or a captive in the hall,
He understood the writing of his God upon the wall!

So our deeds are recorded-there's a Hand that's writing now:
Sinner, give your heart to Jesus, to His royal mandates bow;
For the day is approaching-it must come to one and all,
When the sinner's condemnation will be written on the wall!

'Tis the Hand of God on the wall! 'Tis the Hand of God on the wall!
Shall the record be "Found santing1" or shall it be "found trusting"
While the Hand is writing on the wall?

~Knowles Shaw

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