Oh my!
What a journey we all travel
When we are young and proud
Life goes by us so fast
We think nothing of if!


What is it?
We all believe we know what it is
Then suddenly we loose a love one
We think to our selves


Where did the time fly too
Where did each day go
Did you have the communication open?
Did you make sure you talk
At least once a day or once a week?


Has a way of throwing
Curves in our way
Before we know it we are caught up in it
When it hits us
we say


It is with the Grace of God
that we can work through each of these curves,
It is the patient of one that gets in the way
I know for I sometimes think if I could
just do this or that now!
It is not to be,


My dear husband lost his father this year
Actually in April we laid him to rest
In May over Memorial weekend
we had the
Celebration of Life
for dad in the Greek Church


I'm not sure actually why they
waited 40 days to hold the
Celebration of Life
I do know that it help put my
Mother in-law at peace
I'm so glad I was there to see this.

What is it?
It is living and moving on
Life has a way of twisting and curves
It is what we make of it
That brings peace and closer
to one soul

It is through the Grace of God
That we all get

by Ranie Patridis

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Robin Walters said...

Great Poem - did you write this yourself?