Last Thursday I shared with you all the Art Deco cards that I did for CattyCat swap. I mention that I was making a set for my self using children.  I love Vintage clipart especially if they are children it just touches my heart. I think the reason for this is my love for Cloth Dolls. I love making the old fashion rag doll when they use to paint them. When I discover ATC and vintage clipart will I was won over, here they are.

And did you notice that some of the children are holding dolls. ..*smile*..
I notice in my vintage clip art that it shows children were use a lot for advertising different products back in those days. Interesting!

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CattyCat said...

You are so cute and squishy emotionally. Or at least that is how I read you in cyberspace. Tee hee. I love this new set even more than the set you submitted. Luckly you are keeping these. So special. I love the lil kid cards too. Don't make or collect them too often, but do love them.