Story of an Acorn

I am a little acorn
so proud and strong.

When my time comes
I may choose to become a Oak Tree
food for the forest creatures great and small.

I come from the Oak Tree who graciously
spreads those towering limbs above for shade.
Little by little as the acorn said.
I am healthy and strong a bit proud to say
as I slowly sink into my mossy bed.
Hidden deep in the earth away
hiding from all by day.
As I grew getting stronger each day
My roots grow hidden deep in the earth away.
Downward I send out a thread like root
Going deeper n deeper each day as I sipped the dew.
Striving deeper n deeper attaching myself to the earth
One day up in the air I sprung a tiny shoot,
Day after day and year after year
Up I grew
Little by little my leaves appear
strong and stout as I proudly stand
My splender branches spread far and wide.
Till the mighty Oak Tree is the Forest pride!

I am a little Acorn
so proud and strong.

I fell by the way side
Unable to root.
As I lay upon the ground
I become nourshing food 
for the great and small creatures
of this Forest I love.
Don't be sad for me I say,
Not all of us can be a tree
To be able to give something back
is the grandest gift that I can give.

I am a little Acorn
so proud and strong!
Ranie Patridis

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