Zentangle Post card
When I think of Spring I think of flowers
I can't wait for the first bulbs to poke their heads
through the snow.
When I think of Summer I think of flowers
as they gracefully nod their beautiful heads
in the dry summer breeze.
When it warm n hot you can't help but smile
when you see their beauty surrounds you.
When I think of Fall I think of flowers
I see that they are slowly giving way to Winter
They are beautiful their heads are bowing humbly
for they know that Spring is round the corner.
When I think of Winter I think of flowers
For in my window sill my succelent plant
blooms the most beautiful pink flowers that put
a smile on this face.
So yes, when I'm down and discourage
I look toward my Heavenly Father
Asking for his help and just like the flower
one of his beautiful creation
he always puts a smile on my face.
Ranie Patridis

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