Hello, I'm back....

Hello my friends, I've been gone such a long time. My fault really, I had to make some decision as to what I was going to do with my Internet I am so scattered all over the place. I decided to shut a bunch of groups down keeping some letting others go. I decided in the end to keep flickr, ATCsforALL and my Blog.

Did you notice the changes I have made on my Blog?

Well I better hurry, Mike will be in any moment asking me if I am ready to go to our exercise class. I hear him, whoops he just came in.

In the meantime I have been working on my arts n crafts going to be coming up with some interesting Art to share with you all. Here is an Zentangle ATC that I made for Robin.


Boat Bird said...

Hi I just gave you an award- pop over to my blog to see it! x

Prpldy said...

Nice Sentagle...I need to make a few of these ATCs.