My friend CattyCat is hosing a swap over at ATCsforALL.com 
CattyCat sent each of us 9 cards that where printed up into a pattern
with plenty of bare white spaces of all size. 
Now that was a challenge! 
We were not to cover much of the printed sections of the card
these cards go together like a puzzel.
Once everyone turn their cards in, we will be given
9 different cards back.
I can't imagine how they will go together with all the
different styles, patterns, collages, drawings
that each artist did to their cards. 
Here is my 9 cards that I will be sending in.
It is hard to cypher here which part is hand drawn and which part is the pre-printed Art Deco Pattern.
I am making another set just for me all in children I notice on the one I am making for myself that I am covering up a bit of the patterns. Since it is for me it does not matter.

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CattyCat said...

Nice write up. Hope you post your 2nd set.

And by the way your 9 Art Deco's are now in my living room safe and sound