One day I was thinking, yes I was thinking can you believe that? My husband wanted to know what the noise was ..giggle.. well, as I was thinking I thought it would be nice to make up Post Cards of my Art maybe try to sale them or send them off in the mail to friends and family. 
A while back I was making these Fabric Chunkie Pages. Digitally I made a photograph of the pages then tweak them a bit for post cards here are my first 2 cards I want to make a set of 5 or 6 different views.
In the Garden are my Funky Flowers
here is the 2nd one...
Amazing what you can do with digital pictures!

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Momo said...

What a great idea and you have done a good job too.

Locally, there is currently an artshow featuring postcard-size artwork. In fact, a group of us put our work together for it. I hope to get some photos of that show when I visit it.