There are times in one's life when all the world seems to turn against us. Our motives are misunderstood, our words misconstrued, and unkind words reveals to us the unfriendly feelings of others.
 The fact is, that it is rare when injustice. or slights, patiently borne, do not leave the heart at the close of the day filled with a marvelous sense of peace-perhaps not at once-but after you've had a chance to reflect a bit. It is  the seed God has sown, springing up and bearing fruit.
We learn, as the years roll onward and we leave the past behind, that much we had counted sorrow, but proved that God is kind; that many a flower we'd longed for had hidden a thorn of pain, and many a rugged by-path led to fields of ripened grain.
 The clouds that cover the sunshine; they cannot bannish the sun. And the earth shines out the brighter when the weary rain is done. We must stand in the deepest shadow to see the clearest light; and often through Wrong's own darkness comes the welcome strength of Right.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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