Mail Art 4x6

Mail Art are little pieces of art that are the size of 4x6 they can be collages, drawing, paintings 
if it can be made into a 4x6 well it is consider Mail Art. Originally Mail Art was consider a post card the size of most post cards are 4x6. There are groups out that the make Post Cards and send them in the mail to each other of family. I think what I love about the size 4x6 it gives you a larger area to work on. I love making ATC (artist trading cards 2.5 x 3.5 but these 4 x 6 are just as much fun. The 4 x 6 you see below, my first one for ATCsforAll in the ATC Picture Profile Swap. My card is a combination of drawing and collaging.

This card was a lot of fun to make. I made my own digital clip art and I use the computer to write up my profile concerning how much I love Art. Then I started putting it all together layering it. I started out with a designer paper background which I stamped. Then I started layering all the pieces of clip art which I then went back with acrylic paint started high lighting the whole card. I like to give my cards a tad of old feeling so I love to ink the edges and apply some of the ink on the cards. Like I said this was a fun card I made for Linda4atc.

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