Oh dear I need to learn to count. I ended up drawing 9 cards for the Draw-a-Thon , but if I add the card that I traded with Stillatthetop that would be 10 now wouldn't it, then I trade another card out of my gallery oh my it is now 11 all on this Draw-a-Thon weekend. How wonderful is that.
This little Baker fairy is a collage that I had done. The background is original then layered with designer paper and clip art then sealed and antique. I traded this to Kylie over in Australia.

This card here finally went home to Stillatthetop this card is what you call a Zentangle drawing back in the days it was called doodling...giggle...this is really it is a way to relax letting the flow of the lines interpret its own design. I always have fun making these up.

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